The Online Home of Kent "Dull 'Hawk" McManigal

"On my honor as a human being, I will give zero respect or obedience to counterfeit "laws" or systems of belief, present or future. I do not give, nor have I ever given, consent to be subject to the whims of the criminal collective known as "government". I will strive to avoid aggression, and will defend myself and others in whatever way I see fit against all attacks. I will seek to live as free in my body as I already envision in my mind."

You have found the website of Kent McManigal; MountainMan, primitive survivalist, anarchist, "Hooligan libertarian", former presidential candidate, opinionated writer of blogs and letters-to-editors, gun lover, UFO loving skeptic, animal lover, karaoke singer, and all-around character.  Welcome!

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